Spec Sheet

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Spec sheet



ENGINE mods: 

Heads and mods (springs,valves etc) 

Coils (smart coils or ?) 

Reluctor wheel/ crank sensor: 

Ecu system: 

Cam @ .050 :

Map sensor/internal (part number) 

Mat/iat sensor (part number) 

Coolant sensor (part number) 

Oil pressure sensor: (what psi. If stock don’t worry) 

Fuel pressure sensor(part number, what psi sensor) 

Injectors (need to know exact part number) 

Fuel pump(s): 

Base Fuel Pressure:

Which gas are you running: 

Turbo size: 

Wastegate with spring psi: 


Intercooler and size: 


Spark plugs and gap (needed): 


Rear gear: 

Tire size: 

What's done to the trans: 

Anything extra I need to know?

(HOLLEY CUSTOMERS) Inputs/outputs (please include everything you’ve wired to this 8 pin connector and their position. Also include is its a 12v source or ground, etc)

Goals for the vehicle and power expectations: